Spotlight Classroom: Rollins Place Elementary School first grade _lowres

Advocate staff photo by STACY GILL -- Spotlight Classroom for July was Roselyn Major's 2014-15 first-grade classroom at Rollins Place Elementary School. Seated, from left, are Ezra Dupree, Devin Aron, Kaleb Raffety, Brooklynn Johnson, Ciara Bailey and Malik Ward; kneeling, Elaine Job, Rylee Louque, Milisha Vessell, Shalaila Collins, Jax Hunt, Lindsey Longmire and Terreonna Eby; and standing, Ty'Reon Bennett, Christian Gaudin, Jackson Peay, Cole White, Sanaian Cummings, Emmett Nettles, Han Troung and teacher Roselyn Major. Not pictured are Michael Daigre and Bishop English.

The Zachary Advocate and Plainsman’s recent Spotlight Classroom was Roselyn Major’s 2014-15 first-grade classroom at Rollins Place Elementary School.

Students were asked the following question:

  • What are your favorite hobbies? Describe them.
  • DEVIN ARON: I like to play tag and hide-and-seek. They are fun.
  • CIARA BAILEY: I like playing with my ball outside. I think it’s fun.
  • TY’REON BENNETT: In summer, I like to swim in my pool. I get to play with my dog in the pool.
  • SHALAILA COLLINS: I like to play with my dolls and jump on my trampoline. When I play with my dolls, I get to talk to them, and on my trampoline I get to do whatever I want.
  • SANIAN CUMMINGS: My favorite things to do are watch television, eat, sleep and play. I don’t have to be bothered when I’m doing these things.
  • MICHAEL DAIGRE: I like to play soccer with my sister and my dad. We make goals and whoever gets to 10 gets Daddy’s $20 bill.
  • EZRA DUPREE: I like to play basketball and hit with my bat. I like to swim. I like to play with my sister to make her feel better. I get to have fun and be kind and sweet. I like getting hugs from sister. She gives the best hugs in the world.
  • TERREONNA EBY: I like to go to my cousin’s house. We get to play on the swing.
  • CHRISTIAN GAUDIN: I like to play baseball, and when I hit the ball, I like to make home runs. I like it when my team wins.
  • JAX HUNT: I like to play with my cousins. I get to have fun with them.
  • ELAINE JOB: My favorite things to do are playing hide-and-seek with my brother and playing on my waterslide. I like them because I get to do them with my brother. He is silly.
  • BROOKLYN JOHNSON: I like to play hide-and-seek. I like when I get to hide from the person who will look for me.
  • LINDSEY LONGMIRE: I have a hobby and that’s playing the piano. My other hobby is dancing. I like the piano because of the beautiful music. It’s like the music is telling you something, and the dancing helps me get better at moving my body to get healthy.
  • RYLEE LOUQUE: My favorite things to do are riding bikes and playing jump rope. I can do tricks on my bike and can play with my sisters when I jump rope.
  • EMMETT NETTLES: I like to play with my friend’s cats. The cats are so cute and they all climb on you.
  • JACKSON PEAY: My favorite things to do are playing football and baseball. I’m happy when I make a touchdown or hit a home run.
  • KALEB RAFFERTY: I like to play tag with my cousins and brother. I like it because my brother tries to find us, and I hide in a place where he can’t find me.
  • HAN TROUNG: I like to stay at home and bake cupcakes. I like to play hide-and-seek with my friends, and I like doing those things because I get to eat the cupcakes and watch TV. I like when my friends hide everywhere and I can’t find them.
  • MILISHA VESSELL: I like to play basketball. I like that my friends play it with me.
  • MALIK WARD: My favorite thing to do is play baseball. I like playing baseball because I like bats, balls and gloves.
  • COLE WHITE: My favorite things to do are playing on the computer and playing with my toys. On the computer I get to play Minecraft. When I play with my toys, I get to imagine that they are alive.