A community pep rally was held Dec. 10, celebrating the Zachary High School Broncos and their journey to a state championship game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Saturday.

The event helped to rid the football players of some nervous energy, it seemed, as it did for the band, cheerleaders, dancers, color guard and twirler, all of whom performed for the Zachary community. And it worked like a charm, as the Broncos captured the state title with a 46-12 victory over John Ehret.

During the rally, the Broncos players heard from alumni members of the team, who offered words of encouragement, well-wishes and luck.

Buddy Baudoin, Todd Hernandez, Laramie Howard, David Hunt, Scott Hunt, Leonard Scott, Thomas Scott and Forrest Towne each took turns at the microphone, sharing their own special message with the players.

“Don’t carry the weight of these teams who didn’t make it to the Dome. We’ll carry you, instead,” said Thomas Scott, a 1999 ZHS graduate.

Fans got excited when 1998 alumnus and former Bronco player, Leonard Scott, who went on to play for the University of Tennessee, told the team: “Winning a state championship is very special. Just ball till you fall.”

“Bring a title back to Zachary,” encouraged 19th Judicial District Court Judge Todd Hernandez, representing the 1982-83 Bronco season.

Others told the young players to do their best, have fun and remember that the community has their backs, win or lose.

Coach David Brewerton introduced each member of Broncos’ coaching staff, saying the season would not have been possible without their expertise and experience.

Captains from the team spoke, sharing their excitement about the game ahead of them with teammates.

Principal Joe LeBlanc said it had been 25 years since he’d been to the Superdome — the last time as an offensive line coach.

“We represent you, the Zachary community, and I challenge this team to make you, the community, proud,” said LeBlanc.

Humourous skits were performed by school administrators and School Board member David Dayton, who was the pep rally’s emcee.