Zachary Advocate’s Classroom Spotlight: Zachary Early Learning Center prekindergarten _lowres

Advocate staff photo by STACY GILL -- Carla Connor's pre-kindergarten class at Zachary Early Learning Center was chosen as the May Spotlight Class of the Month. Gathered May 19, from left, are Raegan Obeidzinski, Rebecca Peay, Alek Greene, Brady Ragusa, Anabel Disandro, Byron Robins, Kamdyn Fruge, Amari Smith and Joseph Jackson; and back, from left, paraprofessional Shanda Turner, Collin Allbritton, Alaila Pierre, Mia Beard, Ifeanyi Nwabueze, Dentré Dillion, Joradyn Johnson, Kamryn Ballard, Braxton Teekel, Stella Simmons and teacher Carla Connor. Not pictured: Ja’Nira Brooks, student; Tonja Granville, teacher; and Doris Nixon, paraprofessional.

The Zachary Advocate and Plainsman’s spotlight classroom is Carla Connor’s pre-kindergarten class at Zachary Early Learning Center.

Students were asked the following question:

How will you spend your summer? Describe your plans.

Collin Allbritton : I’m going to the beach with my mom and grandma. We will go swimming with our swimming gear.

Kamryn Ballard: I’m going to the beach with my mom, and we’re going swimming.

Mia Beard: I might go to the beach with my cousins because I have so much fun with them.

Ja’Nira Brooks: My cousins will play with me, and we will have some fun.

Dentré Dillion: I will be riding my bike this summer and playing outside.

Anabel Disandro: I’m going to make a book all by myself. I’m going to play. A lot. And spend time with my family.

Kamdyn Fruge: I’ll be riding my dirt bike.

Alek Greene: I’ll be watching lots of TV.

Joseph Jackson: I’m going to play with friends.

Joradyn Johnson: I will be riding my bike.

Ifeanyi Nwabueze: I will be going to Disney World with my family, and we’re going to ride all the rides.

Raegan Obeidzinski: I want to go to the zoo or the beach. We haven’t planned anything, but I would like to go to these places and spend time with my Nanny and Paw Paw.

Rebecca Peay: I’m going to go to the New Orleans beach. My family will swim in the water.

Alaila Pierre: We’re going to the water park, zoo and swimming in our little pool at home.

Brady Ragusa: I’m going to go to a luau! It will be fun.

Byron Robins: I’ll be riding my dirt bike.

Stella Simmons: I’m going to go frog hunting. I like to catch big frogs. Last time, I caught the first one!

Amari Smith: I will be playing with my best friend Lia.

Braxton Teekel: I’m going swimming with my Nana and uncles.