Americana developer John Landry told the crowd at the Zachary community that everything was larger for the second annual Fourth of July Jubilee at Americana in Zachary.

He said last year the eight food trucks ran out of food. So for 2019, 14 trucks were on hand. 

Also, the musical headliner was a better-known name. Kathy Mattea was the main performance, singing many of her hits — "Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses," "Love at the Five & Dime" and "Time Passes By" — for more than an hour before the fireworks started.

She took time to tell a story about the quiet piece "Where've You Been," a story based on her husband's grandmother, and why she sings the emotional piece in loud outdoor events. During one such performance, a loud announcement was made right before the dramatic final line. She was trying to not laugh and saw a woman in the front row in tears over the song. Mattea pointed out the woman hadn't even heard the loudspeaker, which gave her the ability to regroup and get the final line sung. 

She also performed songs from her latest album, including "Chocolate on My Tongue," which she described as a joyful blues song, and the classic "Ode to Billie Joe."

Zachary performer Shell Marie served as the evening's opening act. She announced her latest album, "New Creation," is out on all major platforms.

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