The Copper Mill Elementary Physics Club, sponsored by science teachers Regena Landry and Carrie Trotti, participated in Disney’s Youth Educational Series program May 11-12 at Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida.

While there, students attended two learning sessions, one focusing on motion in the “Properties of Motions Physics Lab” and the other on gravity in the “Science of Disney Imagineering: Gravity.”

With the physics lesson, the students worked together to test potential and kinetic energy, centripetal force, and vertical and lateral acceleration just as Disney engineers do during the ride design process, a news release said.

“They worked as teams to model concepts taught by their YES educator, then rode an attraction in the park to apply the concepts to the real world,” said Trotti. “The students also learned the inner workings of their favorite attractions.”

In the three-hour academic adventure “The Science Of Disney Imagineering: Gravity,” students joined an Imagineering associate, exploring how Disney Imagineering uses Newton’s laws of motion and other science principles to create multi sensory experiences within Disney parks, the release said.

Educators can choose from arts and humanities, career development, leadership, natural science and physical science programs that range from two to three hours.

Each learning adventure is designed to increase the desire to learn and discover, encourage students to reach their individual potential and showcase the importance of teamwork, the release said. Each program is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission.

“After each attraction, the students reconvened and analyzed what they learned and how the information applies to science concepts,” Trotti said. “It was a great educational experience for all of us.”