The East Baton Rouge Parish Livestock Show was held Jan. 23. The Parish Livestock Show had 25 beef cattle, three dairy cattle, 21 goats, three hogs, 65 chickens, two lambs, and 24 rabbits shown.

Matt Seguin, poultry judge and mentor to two new judges, said the parish contestants were some of the best he had ever seen.  “They knew their stuff,” he said.

Sam Neal, rabbit judge said he was proud of how much the contestants have grown. He encouraged them to compete at ARBA shows. The older exhibitors walked the younger ones through showing and helped them get prepared for showmanship.

The pandemic touched the show. Gage Gould, of Zachary, recently lost a close family member to COVID-19. The youth exhibitors and their families helped Gage bring his animal to the Parish Livestock Show to show his Brahman bull for the first time this year.

Also, the competitors showed through a virtual format because of COVID-19 quarantine restrictions. 

The 4-H and FFA youth will be competing at the LSU South Central District Livestock Show on Feb. 3-6. 

Zachary area winners include:

Angus Heifer Champion: Regan Greene

Angus Heifer Reserve Champion: Regan Greene

Beefmaster Bull Champion: Riley McClure

Beefmaster Heifer Champion: Madden McClure

Grey Brahman Bull Champion: Gage Gould

Commercial Brahman Influence Heifer Champion: Kelsi Atkinson

Commercial Non-Brahman Heifer Champion: Kelsi Atkinson

Supreme Dairy: Georgia Knight

Commercial Dairy Cow Champion: Georgia Knight

Commercial Dairy Heifer Champion: Georgia Knight

Commercial Dairy Heifer Reserve Champion: Kelsi Atkinson

Senior Dairy Showman: Kelsi Atkinson

Intermediate Dairy Showman: Georgia Knight

Supreme Market Lamb: Laryn Bunch

Market Lamb Champion: Laryn Bunch

Market Lamb Reserve Champion: Laryn Bunch

Game Class Champion: Alaina Leet

Game Class Reserve Champion: Alaina Leet

Other East Baton Rouge Parish winners at the show included:

Supreme Champion Bull: Morgan Thompson

Supreme Champion Heifer: Morgan Thompson

Angus Bull Champion: Ben Forbes

Angus Bull Reserve Champion: Rory Forbes

Hereford Bull Champion: Morgan Thompson

Hereford Heifer Champion: Morgan Thompson

Hereford Heifer Reserve Champion: Kinslee Pellerin

Miniature Hereford Heifer Champion: Lane Pellerin

Senior Cattle Showman Champion: Ben Forbes

Intermediate Cattle Showman Champion: Rory Forbes

Junior Cattle Showman Champion: Lane Pellerin

Supreme Champion Buck: Anna Stevens

Supreme Champion Doe: Charley Quartararo

Supreme Champion Market: Jesse Whitaker

AOB Dairy Champion: Erin Jines

Myotonic Buck Champion: Anna Stevens

Myotonic Doe Champion: Anna Stevens

Myotonic Doe Reserve Champion: Anna Stevens

Nigerian Dwarf Doe Champion: Adalyn Miller

Nigerian Dwarf Doe Reserve Champion: Madeline Barron

Percentage Boer Doe Champion: Charley Quartararo

Percentage Boer Doe Reserve Champion: Charley Quartararo

Purebred Pygmy Doe Champion: Bryson Sandefur

Reserve Purebred Pygmy Doe Champion: Haley Sandefur

Commercial Doeling Champion: Charley Quartararo

Market Goat Champion Jesse Whitaker

Reserve Market Goat Champion: Bobby Whitaker

Senior Goat Showman Champion: Erin Jines

Intermediate Goat Showman Champion: Emily Barron

Junior Goat Showman Champion: Adalyn Miller

Supreme Breeding Swine: Kason Kuehne

Supreme Market Swine: Kason Kuehne

Hampshire Gilt Champion:Kason Kuehne

Market Barrow Champion Swine: Kason Kuehne

Market Cross Gilt Champion Swine: Kason Kuehne

Junior Swine Showman Champion: Kason Kuehne

Best in Show Poultry Champion: Sarah Israel

Reserve Best in Show Champion: Erin Jines

Champion Standard: Erin Jines

Champion Bantam: Sarah Israel

American Class Champion: Bryce King

American Class Reserve Champion: Bryce King

English Class Champion: Sarah Israel

English Class Reserve Champion: Sarah Israel

Continental Class Champion: Bryce King

Continental Class Reserve Champion: Bryce King

Mediterranean Class Champion: Bobby Whitaker

Mediterranean Class Reserve Champion: Bobby Whitaker

All other Standard Breeds Champion: Erin Jines

All other Standard Breeds Reserve Champion: Erin Jines

Feather Legged Class Champion: Bryce King

Feather Legged Class Reserve Champion: Bryce King

Single Comb Clean Legged Champion: Sarah Israel

Single Comb Clean Legged Reserve Champion: Tyler Soileau

Rose Comb Clean Legged Champion: Bobby Whitaker

Rose Comb Clean Legged Reserve Champion: Jesse Whitaker

Senior Poultry Showman Champion: Sarah Israel

Intermediate Poultry Showman Champion: Bobby Whitaker

Junior Poultry Showman Champion: Anna Claire Brumfield

Best in Show Rabbit Champion: Jesse Whitaker

Best Opposite: Susanna Shields

Hotot Best of Breed: Erin Jines

Hotot Best Opposite: Susanna Shields

English Lop Best of Breed: Jesse Whitaker

English Lop Best Opposite: Jesse Whitaker

Mini Lop Best of Breed: Sarah Israel

Mini Rex Best of Breed: Jesse Whitaker

Mini Rex Best Opposite: Jesse Whitaker

Netherland Dwarf Best of Breed: Adelais Langlois

Netherland Dwarf Best Opposite: Adelais Langlois

Silver Best of Breed: Sarah Israel

Silver Best Opposite: Sarah Israel

Velveteen Lop Best of Breed: Jesse Whitaker

Senior Rabbit Showman Champion: Susanna Shields

Intermediate Rabbit Showman Champion: Adelais Langlois

Junior Rabbit Showman Champion: Tyler Soileau