Let's make 2021 great

We made it! It is 2021.

We all know the bad things. And it seems those bad things are getting closer every day.

However, what about the good things? They may have been a little harder to see, but for most of us, the good was there.

I am working from home instead of the office. My dogs think that is AWESOME.

Another good thing from my very short commute — literally across the hall — is it gave me extra time to work on art projects I enjoy and on painting and fixing my house.

Take a few moments to identify the good of 2020.

Then look to the new year.

I don’t make resolutions or goals, but I have friends who do and I have thought of borrowing some of the ideas.

Instead of resolutions, about a theme? I have friends who pick a word as a theme each year. This year one chose 'breathe" and the other "rejoice."

How about a reading goal — doesn’t have to be big. A lot of people use GoodReads.com or its app to keep track.

Learn a new skill this year. There are lots of programs online paid and free.

Protect your health. Exercise, eat better, have your health checks. While COVID-19 is still around, continue to be careful around others. Don’t spend a lot of time out, don’t hang out in large groups, etc. Resolve to wear a mask when you are out. None of us like it. But please do it to help protect people around you. Consider getting the COVID-19 vaccination when it is available.

Try setting a goal each month or track your healthy habits.

Take your favorite hobby and commit to do something in that every week.

Let us know

Let us know what you are committing to in 2021.

And as always, let us know what is going on in the area. We love getting photos and information about activities and events. It can be as simple as a pretty photo or it can be a school, church or a club activity. Just be sure to identify everyone by first and last name in photos.

In Zachary, send everything to zachary@theadvocate.com and in the Felicianas, send items to extra@theadvocate.com.

Send news and events for the Zachary area to zachary@theadvocate.com by noon Friday or call (225) 388-0731.