Last week, Lane Regional Medical Center in Zachary announced the start of Lane Recovery Solutions, a substance abuse treatment program. The program is a medically-directed, highly-structured treatment program for people aged 18 and up who are addicted to alcohol, prescription medications or other drugs.

“This program is designed for those who still need direct medical supervision but do not yet require overnight stays in the hospital,” Dr. Louis Cataldie, medical director at LRS, said.

Cataldie, who has been in recovery since 1978, served two terms as coroner for East Baton Rouge Parish.

A native of Alexandria, Cataldie graduated from Northeast University in Monroe, earned his medical degree from LSU’s School of Medicine in New Orleans and completed his training in general practice at Lafayette Charity Hospital.

He is board certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine to provide detoxification, evaluation and treatment for inpatients and outpatients wishing to recover from the brain disease of addiction and a Certified Medical Review Officer, he said.

Cataldie previously served as the medical director for the Physician Health Program of the state of Louisiana, the Louisiana State Board of Nursing and the Office of Addictive Disorders for the state of Louisiana.

During Hurricane Katrina, he was appointed medical examiner for the state and the incident commander of the Family Assistance Center. He was in charge of the recovery and identification of victims, as well as finding the location of more than 26,000 missing or displaced persons.

Upon completion of that mission, Cataldie returned to the field of addiction medicine.

He has been practicing in the Baton Rouge area since 1975 and has more than 30 years of clinical and administrative experience in the field of addiction medicine. He also is the author of “10,000 Addicts Later” and a public speaker on the diseases of addiction.

Treatment at LRS is more intense than the care provided in a doctor’s or therapist’s office and is often an alternative to inpatient care, Cataldie said. Typically, patients will receive six hours of care per day, five days a week for about six weeks. However, each patient is different, he said.

“This program is ideal for people who are established, such as the single working mother or the guy who operates his own business. Not everyone can commit to an in-patient treatment program,” Cataldie said. “However, the program is not a pain management center or a suboxone therapy clinic.”

To start, patients will be medically detoxed from whatever substance they are addicted to, and Cataldie, along with licensed addiction counselors and registered nurses on staff, will address the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of recovery with each client, he said.

“We’ll assess the home environment, making certain it’s the ideal situation for a person in recovery to return to and work with patients on getting rid of old thoughts, behaviors, patterns and triggers,” he said. “Plus, I’m big on family involvement.”

Physician referrals are not required, and anyone may contact LRS directly, including family members, friends, employers, physicians and behavioral health professionals.

For details, call (225) 658-6640.

LRS is located in the same building as Lane Behavioral Health, 4801 McHugh Road, Suite A, Zachary.