In collaboration with internationally acclaimed visual artist and poet John K. Lawson, Companion Animal Alliance in Baton Rouge has launched Second Chances, a project using one-of-a-kind works of art to honor the lives of beloved family pets.

Custom portraits will feature collaged materials curated to honor your pet through photos, meaningful memorabilia and documents on museum quality paneling, 20x24 in size.

Known for using salvaged Mardi Gras beads and items reclaimed from the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, Lawson said he believes in the power of second chances.

“Discarded maps, architectural drawings, photographs, letters, menus, all get a second chance to be seen to embellish memories and create again in a visual way, whether the rescued animal be a bird or a cat or a puppy or a horse,” Lawson said.

To provide greater education and awareness around animal welfare, an I-Spy children’s book will be built with the first 30 procured portraits. Incorporating the digital renderings, the book will give children a chance to engage with the creative I-Spy search while diving deeper into the wonders of rescuing animals. Proceeds from the custom pet portraits and I-Spy book sales will directly benefit CAA’s shelter efforts.

To purchase a custom pet portrait, visit For information, call (225) 408-5373.