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The sun shines down on an empty quad at LSU on the first full day of Governor John Bel Edwards' Stay at Home order to combat the spread of coronavirus, Tuesday, March 24, 2020, in Baton Rouge, La.

One LSU professor and three students at the university are combating coronavirus fake news by relaunching an online educational tool for the public.

Three students have teamed up with LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication professor Leonard Apcar to relaunch the website:

Apcar calls the website a resource guide on the latest developments in fake news, disinformation and foreign interference in the nation’s information flows.

"Our goal is to be a curator of the best work about coronavirus misinformation," said Apcar, a former New York Times editor.

The site is meant to debunk "false COVID-19 claims," including where the virus started. 

A fact-checking guide was also established to help readers get a better understanding of the article they may be reading on social media. 

"Being skeptical is key," said master's student Trey Poché, who helps curate the website. "It is important to suspend belief and think about who/what the source is and what political goals they may have in sharing that piece of information."

Students Madison Latiolais and Grayce Mores also contributed to the development and expansion of the website.

For more information on their initiative, click here.