A hand-written message from a COVID patient in the intensive care unit at Baton Rouge General is gaining attention.

Seventy-two-year-old Lafayette resident Charlotte Broussard was intubated and unable to speak. So, she signaled to nurses that she wanted to write something. 

David Begnaud, a national correspondent for CBS and a Louisiana native, was the first to share images of the patient's handwritten notes on Twitter. 

"SEND TO FRIENDS F***," one piece of paper read. 

On another page: "TAKE THE DAM SHOT." (sic)

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In an email hours later, a representative from Baton Rouge General sent another photo of Broussard, saying she consented to having her name, age and image published. 

Hospitals across the state are struggling to keep up with a surge in cases amid the fourth and deadliest wave of the pandemic.

Last week, Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes broke a record for the number of people to die from COVID-19 in a single week.

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