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The Baton Rouge metro is the only region across the state projected to recover all the job losses by 2022, according to the Louisiana Economic Outlook.

The Baton Rouge metro area lost 1,700 nonfarm jobs over the 12 months through February in the latest figures available.

The job figures pre-date major coronavirus-related March shutdowns of businesses, which have hit the oil and gas, transportation, employment services, and travel, leisure and hospitality, or tourism industries, the hardest so far.

The capital region was among six of Louisiana's nine metro areas that lost nonfarm jobs over the one-year period, according to preliminary U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics data that is not seasonally adjusted.

Louisiana lost 4,500 jobs overall to 1.9 million jobs in February. 

The Capital City area had 415,500 jobs, a decline of 0.4% in February over the year. 

Losses were in construction, 2,700 jobs, or 4.9%; trade, transportation and utilities, 2,300 jobs, or 3.2%; federal, state and local government, 600 jobs; education and health services, 300 jobs; manufacturing, 400 jobs. Information was flat over the year. 

Gains were in leisure and hospitality, 3,200 jobs, or 8.1%; professional and business services, 800 jobs, or 1.6%; financial services, 400 jobs; and mining and logging and other services, 100 jobs each. 

The unemployment rate for Baton Rouge was 3.8% in February, the same as one year ago. 

Statewide unemployment was up to 4.3%, compared to 4.2% last year. U.S. unemployment was 3.8%, down from 4.1% in 2019. 

LAFAYETTE: The Acadiana region lost 1,700 jobs over the year, a decline of 0.8%, to 201,900 jobs. There were job gains in leisure and hospitality, 1,000 jobs; education and health services, 700; manufacturing, 100; trade, transportation and utilities, 100; construction, 100 jobs. There were job losses in business and professional services, 1,600 jobs; oil and gas, 1,000 jobs; and information, 100 jobs. Financial services and federal, state and local government were flat. Unemployment in Lafayette was 4.3%, up from 4.2% in February 2019.  

NEW ORLEANS: The Crescent City added 1,600 jobs, or 0.3%, to 586,100 workers. Education and health services added 3,800 jobs; leisure and hospitality, 1,900 jobs; professional and business services, 1,100; oil and gas, 200 jobs. Losses were in construction, 2,000; trade transportation and utilities, 1,800; information, 900; manufacturing, 600; and financial services, 100; and federal, state and local government, 100 jobs. Other services and financial activities were flat. The unemployment rate was 3.9%, the same as one year ago. 

OTHER AREAS: Hammond added 400 jobs to 45,900; and Houma-Thibodaux, 900 jobs to 87,300. There were losses in Lake Charles, 4,600 to 110,000; Shreveport-Bossier City, 1,400 to 180,000; Monroe, 500 to 78,300; and Alexandria, 300 to 61,600.

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