Bishop Michael Duca of the Diocese of Baton Rouge unveiled new guidelines Tuesday for Catholics to follow amid the spread of the coronavirus, including limits on who can attend weddings and funerals. 

  • Weddings should have only the bride, groom, celebrant (priest or deacon), two witnesses and immediate family, which includes parents, siblings and children. Mass should not be celebrated.
  • Funerals should be held graveside, are not allowed inside churches, and should be attended only by parents, spouses, siblings, children, and grandchildren.
  • Baptisms may occur in private and small family celebrations, with fresh water for each person being baptized.

Duca also suspended delivery of communion to those at home, hospitals and nursing homes, though those in the danger of death may receive if hospital or health restrictions don't dictate otherwise. Duca warned that, under some hospital rules, priests might not be able to anoint sick patients, even if they are in the danger of death.

He had previously canceled public Masses until further notice.