A sign in a Tuscaloosa, Alabama park encourages the city's residents to practice social distancing by relating it to the storied Alabama-LSU rivalry. It's just one of a few humorous signs Tuscaloosa officials say they've distributed to keep spirits in the city high amid the coronavirus outbreak.  

Several Alabama college students who knew they had contracted the coronavirus went out to parties anyway, according to a report from a Birmingham TV station.

What started as a rumor floating around Tuscaloosa ended up being confirmed by local doctors and Alabama health officials, Tuscaloosa Fire Chief Randy Smith said during a pre-council meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Smith told members on the City Council that these students had attended multiple parties in Tuscaloosa for weeks. The news of young COVID-19 cases came before city officials would begin discussing the possibility of a citywide mask ordinance.

Officials did not name these students, and it isn't immediately clear if they attend the University of Alabama or another college in Tuscaloosa. 

Much like the rest of the country, both Alabama and Louisiana are seeing upticks in coronavirus cases linked back to young adults. 

Louisiana officials reported last week that 18% of the state's cases came from people between the ages of 18 and 29 -- the highest percentage of any age group

The health department also traced a coronavirus cluster of at least 100 patrons and staff back to multiple Tigerland bars nearly two weeks ago. It spurred multiple bars and restaurants in the area to temporarily close again, and officials urged those who went to one of these businesses to self-quarantine for at least two weeks. 

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