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Participants walk toward the entrance to get their shots of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, during a mass vaccination event held at LSU's Tiger Stadium, in a partnership with the La. Dept. of Health, the La. National Guard and LSU, Sunday, March 14, 2021.

The Better Business Bureau of South Central Louisiana warns that a new coronavirus-related scam is emerging, this one based on your vaccination status.

Scammers are sending emails or texts to people, claiming to be from vaccine-maker Pfizer, offering money if you complete a survey. Another version of the scam offers a "free" item.

Links inside the survey then lead to other offers that ask for credit card numbers. Sometimes payments are requested for "shipping fees" for products that never come, or could just be a phishing scam in which a crook tries to steal banking or credit card information.

COVID vaccines will be available to all Louisianans 16 and older next week

While the current scam has just involved Pfizer, the BBB says variations may arrive that spoof Moderna or Johnson & Johnson and others.

The BBB recommends not clicking on links in unsolicited emails; not acting immediately on urgent language in the text or email; looking for typographical errors, strange phrasing or bad grammar; and hovering over URLs to find out where the link actually goes. Often, hyperlinked text will say one thing but actually take someone somewhere else.