As it headed toward final passage in the nation's capital, the historic $2 trillion economic stimulus package to alleviate the coronavirus pandemic was welcomed broadly by Louisiana businesses on Wednesday.

The massive deal had elements that would put money directly into people's hands to keep them spending, as well as measures to give soft loans and direct aid to American business sectors that have been hit hardest by the near complete shut-down of the economy. (NIAID-RML via AP)

Four East Baton Rouge residents have now died from coronavirus, the parish coroner's office confirmed Wednesday morning.

Previously, the coroner's had said the virus was a contributing factor in the deaths of two parish residents.

A Mississippi resident who had been transferred for treatment in Baton Rouge, where he later died, is also counted toward the parish death total because state law requires people from out of state to be counted in the parish where they died.

The East Baton Rouge Coroner's Office released information about the two additional deaths Wednesday morning. Both are men, ages 59 and 79. 

Shane Evans, chief of investigations for the coroner's office, said the agency is awaiting test results in three additional recent deaths. The death count statewide continues to rise as Louisiana officials warn residents to stay at home and avoid transmitting the virus before it's too late and hospitals are overwhelmed.

According to the coroner's office, those dead in Baton Rouge include:

A man aged 90, who died Saturday at Our Lady of the Lake;

A woman aged 44, who died Sunday at Our Lady of the Lake;

A woman aged 52, who died Tuesday at Our Lady of the Lake;

A man aged 59, who died Tuesday at Baton Rouge General-Bluebonnet; and

A man aged 79, who died Tuesday at Baton Rouge General-Bluebonnet.

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