Woman's Hospital

Baton Rouge-based Woman's Hospital. 

Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge is the latest hospital to change their visitation rules amid a rise in the number of COVID cases.

The hospital announced the policy changes Monday morning. Both Our Lady of the Lake and Baton Rouge General announced changes to their visitation policy Sunday as the coronavirus’s delta variant continues to contribute to an uptick in hospitalizations.

The changes are effective as of Tuesday at 5 a.m.

Visitors will now be limited to two adult support persons in labor and delivery and the newborn intensive care unit. Only one visitor will be allowed in the mother and baby high risk unit, surgery, oncology, adult intensive care unit and outpatient clinics.

Visitors must stay the same throughout the mother or baby’s stay in the hospital. Clergy members are also allowed to visit with the parent’s permission and are not considered to be part of the two-person limit.

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All visitors must be over the age of 18 and are required to wear a mask.

Those who have tested positive for COVID or are under investigation for COVID will not be allowed to visit the hospital. Patients and visitors will be required to go through a screening before entering the hospital.

Visitors will not be allowed at outpatient doctor’s visits. Patients are asked to contact their physician’s office for policies about visitation at doctor appointment.

At Our Lady of the Lake, only one visitor, 18 years or older, is now allowed to remain at the bedside throughout the patient's hospital stay. Visitors to COVID-19 patients are limited to to one person for one hour per day, except in end-of-life situations where extended times of visitation may be coordinated.

Baton Rouge General's updated policy also allows for only one visitor per patient on most nursing units, including labor and delivery and the emergency room.