Maringouin's mayor, who claims "substantial irregularities and error" caused her to lose her re-election bid by four votes this week, asked a state court Thursday to either declare her the winner or order a new election.

Challenger Maurice Harris drew 351 votes to incumbent Demi Lynn Vorise's 347 in Tuesday's mayoral election.

Now, Vorise is alleging in a petition filed in the 18th Judicial District Court that 'unqualified voters who resided outside of the town limits of Maringouin were allowed to vote by election officials."

Vorise says she has identified at least 29 ineligible voters who cast ballots in the election.

"If those 29 voters ... were not allowed to vote ... on November 6, 2018, Demi Lynn Vorise would have received more votes than candidate Maurice Harris and thus the election results would have changed," her attorneys argue in the petition to contest the election.

The petition says only residents living within the town limits are eligible to vote for mayor, alderman and police chief for Maringouin.

"It is indeterminable how many other ineligible votes were cast. It is determinable and certain that the number of ineligible votes counted could have changed the outcome of the election if disallowed as required by law," the petition states.

Vorise is asking the court to disqualify ineligible voters, rule Harris' election unlawful and declare Vorise the winner. In the alternative, Vorise asks that the election be voided and a new election ordered between the two candidates.

Both Vorise and Harris are Democrats.


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