Lawyers with at least five years of experience who are looking for a "demanding and wide-ranging" job for the next eight years that currently pays $191,000-plus should look no further than U.S. District Court in Baton Rouge.

The Judicial Conference of the United States has authorized the appointment of a third full-time magistrate judge for the Middle District of Louisiana in Baton Rouge.

The application deadline is June 3 at noon. Application forms are available online at Applicants must be under age 70.

The Middle District currently has three federal district judges -- Chief Judge Shelly Dick and Judges Brian Jackson and John deGravelles --  and two magistrate judges in Richard Bourgeois Jr. and Erin Wilder-Doomes.

Bourgeois, a former federal prosecutor in Baton Rouge, was appointed in 2013. Wilder-Doomes, a local lawyer, was appointed in 2016.

Dick said the Middle District has not had three magistrate judges since 2012 when U.S. Magistrate Judge Docia Dalby retired.

A magistrate judge's duties include conducting most preliminary proceedings in criminal cases; trying and handling the disposition of misdemeanor cases; conducting pretrial matters and evidentiary proceedings at the direction of a district judge; and trying and handling the disposition of civil cases with the consent of the litigants, according to a public notice posted to the court's website.

A merit selection panel of lawyers and other community members will review all applications and recommend to the district judges the five people it considers best qualified.

The court will make the appointment following an FBI investigation and Internal Revenue Service tax check of the applicant selected by the court.


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