A 59-year-old Baton Rouge man has been accused of international money laundering and drug conspiracy by a federal grand jury, U.S. Attorney Brandon Fremin announced Thursday.

Donovan J. Barker represented that his businesses sold and distributed green tea extracts and herbal supplements, but he actually was working with others to import controlled substances into the U.S. and repackage and distribute them to clients in this country who had purchased the substances online, Fremin said.

Barker also worked with others to accept payments from individual buyers and transmit those funds to others operating outside the U.S., Fremin said.

Barker is charged with aiding and abetting a conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and engaging in international financial transactions to promote the scheme by wiring funds from his business bank accounts in Baton Rouge to India, Fremin stated.

The grand jury also charged Barker with illegally operating an unlicensed money transmitting business that received more than $4.6 million in payments — from October 2012 through February 2016 — from persons across this country who had purchased controlled substances and other substances over the internet and directed their payments to him, Fremin said.

Barker has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

He owned and operated Quantum Information Technologies, Caring Partners 1, Don Western Sky, Life Positive Services and Healthy Life 1, the indictment says.

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