Anthony Templet

A Baton Rouge teenager accused of fatally shooting his father during an argument in their Shenandoah home on June 3 pleaded not guilty Monday to second-degree murder.

Anthony Templet, 17, was arrested on a manslaughter count after the shooting death of Burt Templet but was indicted earlier this month on the more serious murder charge.

Templet is currently being held at a juvenile facility in Lake Providence, but will be transferred to East Baton Rouge Parish Prison  when he turns 18 on Sept. 13, prosecutors and defense lawyers said in court Monday.

Templet is accused of retrieving two handguns from his father's bedroom and firing multiple shots during an argument. He confessed to the shooting in an interview with detectives but claimed his father was the aggressor.

An arrest report states that Anthony Templet shot his father in the face after the two started arguing.

"His father stumbled backwards towards the bathroom, and asked Anthony to stop," deputies wrote in the report. "Anthony stated that he did not comply with his father's plea" and instead fired two more rounds that "caused his father to fall onto the bathroom floor."

Templet called 911 after the shooting and reported he had shot and killed his father. He later told detectives who questioned him that his father didn't threaten him and was unarmed, according to police reports about the shooting.

He also described their relationship as dysfunctional.

Templet's lead attorney, Jarrett Ambeau, declined comment after Monday’s short proceeding at the 19th Judicial District Courthouse.

Ambeau previously has alleged an extensive history of child abuse. He has said Burt Templet had for years isolated his son from other family members, forbade him to attend school and often physically abused him.

East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore III has said he has received multiple calls about possible mitigating factors in the case against Anthony Templet, like abuse or neglect, but his office had not been able to corroborate the allegations. Moore has said his office will continue to review evidence and could ask the grand jury to reconsider its indictment in the future based on any new revelations.

A second-degree murder conviction could carry a sentence of life in prison without parole for the teen. Manslaughter is punishable by up to 40 years behind bars.

Templet's next court date is Nov. 5.

Court records indicate that Burt Templet's wife had recently accused him of physical abuse. She filed a temporary restraining order against him last November after a particularly violent episode in which her lip was busted open and her teeth damaged.

She claimed he punched her in the face, then threatened to kill her during an argument, according to the request for a protective order filed in November.

That case was dropped months later.

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