Jaylan Franklin, 22.

A Zachary man was convicted Thursday of abducting a Baton Rouge firefighter at gunpoint last year and forcing him to withdraw money from several ATMs.

Jaylan Tyrelle Franklin, 23, was found guilty as charged of aggravated kidnapping, armed robbery and aggravated burglary.

Aggravated kidnapping carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison. Ad hoc Judge Tony Marabella will sentence Franklin on Feb. 3.

The victim, also a reserve deputy constable, was working on his under-construction home on Ligon Road in Zachary and was leaving the property in May 2018 when Franklin approached him riding a bicycle. Franklin demanded money, but the victim said he had none on him, so Franklin pulled out a gun and forced him to go to several ATMs to take out cash, sheriff’s officials have said.

Franklin also lived on Ligon Road.

Upset with the amount of money taken, Franklin demanded the victim go back to his Alba Drive home in Baker to take his wife’s ATM card. The man told Franklin to wait outside the home because he had large dogs that would attack.

Franklin agreed but warned the victim he would kill him and his family if he didn’t return to the vehicle. Franklin even asked which windows in the home belonged to the victim’s son.

Once inside the house the firefighter armed himself and told his wife to call police, but Franklin entered the house before police arrived and was shot by the firefighter, authorities said. He detained Franklin until police showed up.

Franklin told a detective he “made a stupid mistake and robbed the victim of about $1,000 because he was going through a rough time,” his arrest report states.

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