This is a mug of David "Bam" Williams. It goes with the story below running tomorrow. The mug was provided by the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office. MURDER.ARREST.WSB — Addo. WBR Sheriff Mike Cazes announced the arrest of David L. Williams today on two counts of first-degree murder. Police say Williams shot two men behind a levee in Port Allen and then set their car on fire in 2007.

David "Bam" Williams shot two men outside a Baton Rouge apartment complex, drove off in their SUV with their bodies still inside, pumped gasoline into the vehicle's interior and set it on fire in Port Allen in 2007, witnesses testified Wednesday at his murder trial.

Williams' former girlfriend, Danielle Gillam, told an East Baton Rouge Parish jury she saw him shoot her uncle, Drexel Swayzer, 27, and Jamey Williams, 25, no relation to David Williams, in the parking lot of the Suburban Apartments on Sept. 1, 2007.

Charles Harris, who said David Williams asked him for help after the shooting, testified he watched Williams pump gas directly into the SUV — not the gas tank — and then followed Williams across the Mississippi River Bridge into Port Allen, where Williams drove behind a levee and set the vehicle on fire.

Williams, 49, faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison if convicted of second-degree murder in the slayings. A second day of testimony is scheduled Thursday in state District Judge Trudy White's courtroom.

Dr. Alfredo Suarez, a forensic pathologist, testified Wednesday that Jamey Williams was shot three times and died of blood loss. Swayzer, he added, was shot once and also inhaled smoke, meaning he was alive when the SUV was set on fire.

Gillam said she and David Williams were arguing outside the Suburban Apartments shortly before the shooting because he had seen her talking with Swayzer and Jamey Williams earlier that night at a pool hall where David Williams worked as a security guard.

While she and David Williams were arguing, Swayzer and Jamey Williams pulled up at the complex, and David Williams saw them laughing inside the SUV, Gillam said.

"He (David Williams) thought they were laughing at he and I," she said while being questioned by prosecutor Ron Gathe.

Gillam testified that David Williams walked up to the SUV with a gun, said, "What's so f****** funny,' and began firing. "All I heard was 'pow pow,' then he paused, and I heard 'pow pow pow' again," she said.

Gillam told Williams' attorney, Benn Hamilton, that her testimony was not a matter of seeking revenge against her ex-boyfriend.

"I'm not falsely accusing him. I saw what I saw," she said.

Harris, who had been at the pool hall earlier with David Williams and Gillam, said he was in an upstairs unit at the Suburban Apartments when Gillam came running up and shouted that Williams had "shot 'em" and was "going to kill us."

When Harris went outside, David Williams asked him for help, so Harris drove to a Chevron gas station on Airline Highway at Williams' direction and waited for Williams to arrive. That's when he saw Williams pump gas into the SUV's interior, then drive across the river to Port Allen and drive behind the levee. Not long after, Harris testified, he saw flames shooting into the sky, and Williams came walking toward him.

Harris said he gave Williams a ride to Brookstown.

The case remained unsolved until March 2010 when Williams was arrested following a Crime Stoppers tip. He was indicted in June 2013.     

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