A member of the jury that convicted a Baton Rouge man last month in the 2003 rape of a teenager claims two white jurors made racially charged remarks about the defendant, who is black.

An attorney for Sedrick Hills, 43, is now asking for a new trial.

Marion Lathan, who was Juror 167, also alleges in a notarized affidavit that a group of white male jurors bullied and intimidated the other jurors.

Hills was found guilty Aug. 17 by an East Baton Rouge Parish jury that consisted of eight whites and four blacks.

In her Aug. 20 affidavit, Lathan — who is black — says she heard a white male juror state during a lunch break on Aug. 16, "Lets convict this n**** already, I am ready to go play golf."

Lathan says another white male juror responded, "The n**** should have just taken a plea deal anyway."

Lathan also alleges that during jury deliberation some of the white male jurors stated that because Hills did not testify he must be guilty.

“The instructions from the judge clearly stated that the defendant did not have to testify, and we should not hold that against him, but yet and behold, the intimidators did,” Lathan stated.

In a motion for a new trial filed Monday, Hills' attorney, Robert Tucker Sr., contends the jurors' "racially-biased remarks" denied Hills the right to a trial by a fair and impartial jury.

In her affidavit, Lathan said she believes the verdict was unjust. The jury voted 11-1 to convict Hills of forcible rape and 10-2 to find him guilty on another sexual assault-related charge.

Hills is scheduled to be sentenced Oct. 24 by state District Judge Trudy White.

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