A 65-year-old Baton Rouge man has admitted stealing nearly $14,000 in FEMA funds meant for victims of the 2016 flooding in southeast Louisiana, acting U.S. Attorney Corey Amundson reported Wednesday.

Joe W. Jones pleaded guilty Tuesday to theft of $13,807 in Federal Emergency Management Agency funds, said Amundson, who also is acting executive director of the National Center for Disaster Fraud.

Jones filed a fraudulent claim with FEMA in August 2016 seeking disaster assistance funds for a home in Baton Rouge that he claimed was his primary residence at the time of the flooding. Jones, however, was living elsewhere and was renting his home to a tenant, whose own FEMA application as a renter was delayed due to Jones' fraudulent claim, Amundson said.

Amundson said the toll-free National Disaster Fraud Hotline is 866-720-5721. Information also can be faxed to the National Center for Disaster Fraud at 225-334-4707 or emailed to disaster@leo.gov.

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