A police officer assigned to Baker High used his stun gun to break up a fight among students gathered Monday morning in the gym, authorities said.

The fight was captured on video and posted online. The video, later obtained by WBRZ, shows the officer breaking up a fight between two students when other students jumped in, sparking a brief brawl. It was only brought to a halt after the officer discharged his stun gun.

One person is heard saying "You got me." The WBRZ report quotes officials saying a student and teacher were hit. A stun gun, or Taser, fires projectiles that deliver an electric shock.

Baker School Superintendent Herman Brister Sr. said he went to the high school soon after the fight occurred, but didn’t learn about the video until Tuesday.

“This is what we deal with,” Brister said. “There was nothing spectacular about it."

He said no one was hurt, including Assistant Principal and Head Football Coach Eric Randall, who was the adult struck by the stun gun.

Four students involved were arrested, Brister said. Two students were also suspended from school, while two more students have been kicked out because they no longer live in Baker, having moved over the summer, Brister said.

In response to the video and news coverage of the incident, Brister sent out an automated audio message Tuesday afternoon to Baker parents and employees.

"We are not happy or pleased with the incident," Brister said in the message. "However, more than adequate adult supervision and the (student resource officer) from the Baker Police Department responded to de-escalate the situation."

Brister said in addition to the SRO, five school administrators were in the gym, but a large adult presence is only a limited deterrent.

“In my experience, if they want to fight, they’re going to fight regardless of who is standing near,” he said.

The superintendent said the SRO was already aware that the students involved had been in a dispute outside of school that might blow up inside school.

Brister expressed no concern about the officer using a Taser, saying that was the officer’s call. He said he’s received no complaints after the Taser use. He said he’s also had a cordial talk with parents of two students involved in the fight who left with “an agreement that this was something they had to handle.”

Since the August 2016 floods, Baker High has operated at the campus of Baker Middle School at 5903 Groom Road. He said the high school often holds morning assemblies in the gym and that students will congregate there after they finish breakfast but before classes start. He said the gym is not air-conditioned, but he said he doesn’t think that had any role in prompting the fight.

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