In an effort to get unsecured guns off the streets, law enforcement agencies in East Baton Rouge Parish are again conducting a "Gas for Guns" event.

The event — a partnership between the TRUCE program, Circle K Corporation and local and federal law enforcement — has gathered 772 guns in exchange for $51,000 worth of gas cards since its inception in 2010.

The latest such effort is happening from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at Living Faith Christian Center, 6375 Winbourne Avenue, Baton Rouge.

Authorities say the event is a crime prevention tool, because many crimes are committed with unsecured weapons that have been stolen or used without the owner's permission.

In previous years, authorities have collected illegal sawed-off shotguns and AK-47s, the latter a weapon commonly used by gangs.

Residents can bring in their guns and with no questions asked, and receive a gas card in exchange.

Functional, non-replica pistols and revolvers smaller than a .380 caliber are worth a $50 gas card, pistols of a caliber greater than .380 can be swapped for $100 gas cards, and any assault-style rifles will garner a $300 card.

District Attorney Hillar C. Moore said the exchange program is offering the highest incentive for assault rifles because they are the most expensive and are the weapons of choice for many criminals. Likewise, criminals also prefer large-caliber handguns, so the incentives are higher for them compared to the smaller handguns.

Donors should place firearms in the trunk of their vehicle before arriving, or those on foot should have the firearms in a sealed or closed container like a bag, backpack or box.