East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s deputies arrested a Baker man Sunday afternoon on allegations he was creating methamphetamine in a suitcase hidden behind his home.

Terry S. Baggett, 35, 7134 Ruston Dr., was booked on counts of operating a clandestine lab, a felony, possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana, public drinking and possession of alcohol in a BREC park.

Deputies had received a tip Sunday about someone “cooking crystal methamphetamine” at the Brown Heights Park off Plank Road, according to an affidavit of probable cause. A deputy spotted Baggett at the park after 3 p.m. drinking a can of beer and noticed a partially smoked marijuana blunt atop the picnic table.

A search of Baggett’s vehicle turned up boxes of pseudoephedrine, lithium batteries, an electric blender and a clear glass smoking pipe, the affidavit says. The driver of the vehicle told the deputy those items belonged to Baggett, and that he was cooking meth at his Ruston Drive home.

The deputy went to that address and found a working lab inside a suitcase behind a shed in the backyard, the affidavit says.

“Detectives were notified and Extreme Cleaners was dispatched to the residence for cleanup of the labs,” the affidavit says.

Baggett told investigators the lab did not belong to him and he does not know how to make crystal meth, the affidavit says.