UPDATED 8 a.m. - Baton Rouge police are searching for three people who shot at and tried to kill a police officer while he was in his patrol car on West McKinley Street Tuesday morning investigating a house break-in, Police Sgt. Donald Stone said.

Stone said the three people, who had also just reportedly stolen a car from a home on Van Buren Street, fired shots through the police car’s windshield with a bullet hitting the dashboard right in front of the officer.

“If the bullet had hit an inch higher, it would have hit the officer in the chest,” Stone said.

The officer was not hit or injured, Stone said.

The shooting occurred just before 5 a.m.

The officer who was shot at responded to a report of someone trying to kick the door down at a home in the 800 block of West McKinley Street near Nicholson Drive, Stone said.

When the police officer arrived to investigate, the three people were in a car that flashed its car lights at the police car, Stone said.

The police officer thought the people in the car were the people who reported the break-in, Stone said. The police officer drove his patrol car up to the front of the car.

The three people inside got out of the car and fired shots at the police car before running away, Stone said.

A search is underway for the shooters.