An eyewitness used his steel-toed boot to kick in a car’s window in an attempt to save an infant from the burning vehicle following a crash north of Clinton Monday night, but the child and three others could not be saved.

“From what we could gather, he saw the baby carrier and knew there must have been a baby in there, and when he finally got in, he got the baby and pulled it out,” said Kate Falgout of Gloster, Mississippi. “But it was too late.”

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Falgout, who also witnessed the crash, said the man driving a Texas vehicle — who she knew only as Marty — might have been able to remove the child’s mother from the car as well, but neither driver could be reached because of the intense fire.

State Police reported that the fiery crash occurred on La. 67 when Brandon Temple, 22, of Norwood, attempted to pass two vehicles in a no-passing zone while approaching a hill. He struck Hall’s SUV head-on as it crested the hill.

The four people killed were identified as Brandon Temple, 22, of Norwood; Holley Thomas, 19, of Denham Springs; Hazel Temple, 1, of Denham Springs; and Jakyle Hall, 24, of Norwood, Louisiana State Police said.

An initial investigation showed that Brandon Temple was driving northbound on La. 67 with Thomas and Hazel Temple in a 2006 Ford 500, while Hall was traveling southbound in a 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander.

“At first, I didn’t know what had happened. My husband was driving,” said Falgout.

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The Falgouts were northbound on La. 67, their cruise control set around the 55-mph speed limit as they headed home, when Temple attempted to pass the Texas-plated truck behind them, then them, before crashing into Hall, she said.

“It was right at our bumper when it happened, and you could feel the impact,” Falgout said. “You could hear it, of course, but you could really feel it also, it was so close to us.”

Falgout said Temple’s and Hall’s vehicles instantly burst into flame.

“I was anticipating in seconds for it to explode, which it did, and the flames grew bigger quite rapidly,” Falgout said. “I told my husband, ‘Turn around, turn around,’ and by the time we got turned around, the man (from the vehicle) behind us was already trying to save the baby.”

Falgout said the driver of the Texas-plated truck used his steel-toed boots to kick out a window of Temple’s truck.

Because of the severity of the crash, it’s unknown whether the occupants were wearing seat belts or whether alcohol use was a factor in the crash, State Police said.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, State Police troopers investigated 10 fatal crashes that killed 15 people in Louisiana.