Former New Orleans Saints defensive back Tracy Porter, who's best known for intercepting Peyton Manning and sealing the franchise's first-ever Super Bowl win, was arrested in Baton Rouge on Tuesday for allegedly pushing and grabbing his dating partner around the neck and face during an argument, according to a police report.

Baton Rouge police said the incident occurred Oct. 5 after a woman, whom Porter had been in a sexual relationship with for two years, met up with Porter because she wanted a key to her residence back. While arguing, Porter grabbed her arms and pushed her against his vehicle before grabbing her around the neck and face area, according to a police report.

Police said the woman had bruises on her arms, neck, face and back that appeared fresh.

Police arrested Porter Tuesday at a truck driving school on North Flannery Road, the same place where the incident allegedly happened. Porter told police he did grab her, but only in self-defense.

When officers searched Porter, they found one white Acetaminophen pill labeled M523, which has oxycodone in it, according to the report. Police said Porter claimed the pill was his, but admitted he did not have a prescription for it. Porter also admitted to having more drugs and a firearm inside his vehicle and allowed officers to retrieve them, police said.

After searching his 2018 silver Nissan Armada, police found 46 Acetaminophen pills in two unlabeled bottles, a 9mm firearm, a narcotics grinder and 1 ounce of marijuana, according to the report.

Porter, of 10063 High Pines Drive, Baton Rouge, was booked on possession with intent to distribute Schedule II drugs, possession of a firearm and controlled dangerous substances, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana and battery of a dating partner.