Clint Williams

Clint Williams

A Baton Rouge man is accused of disguising himself as a UPS deliveryman to rob a safe in a complicated case in which one of the purported victims is related to one of the suspects.

Clint Williams, 36, was arrested Saturday and booked on a count of attempted armed robbery for the June 19, 2018 incident.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office deputies say in Williams' arrest report that he dressed as a UPS worker and pretended to be carrying a delivery to get past the glass security door at the Cash Into Check store on Coursey Boulevard.

Once inside, Williams pulled a semi-automatic weapon and demanded that the counter worker to open the safe in the rear of the store, according to his arrest report.

The worker was unable to open the safe, and Williams fled the scene in a blue car driven by another man. An employee at a nearby convenience store witnessed Williams leaving and directed deputies to surveillance footage that reportedly shows someone leaving in a blue car.

The deputies found a car matching that description nearby at the Forestwood Apartment Complex with a hat and wig believed to be used in the attempted robbery sitting on the seat. 

That vehicle was a rental obtained by the original complainant, the woman working the counter at the Cash Into Check, for her boyfriend Sheddran Kinchen to use to get to and from work, the report says.

Kinchen was arrested in July for the same incident. He told police he was in Mississippi on the day of the crime, but phone records show Kinchen was in town that day and DNA from the wig and hat in the blue vehicle matched to Williams, according to the report.