Melvin J. Amar Jr.

A Baton Rouge man threatened a Louisiana State Police trooper Wednesday who had just pulled him over, saying he would "do to law enforcement what the shooter did a while back," a police arrest report says.

Melvin J. Amar Jr., 42, referenced the 2016 ambush of Baton Rouge law enforcement officers that left three dead and three more injured and used his hands to gesture as if he were firing a gun, troopers said.

Troopers arrested Amar, of 224 Howard St., Baton Rouge, on counts of simple assault, public intimidation and retaliation, no seat belt, vehicle license required, driver must be licensed and no insurance.

The encounter between Amar and the troopers started around 10:45 a.m. Wednesday near the intersection of Burbank Drive and GSRI Avenue. The trooper did a U-turn to pull Amar over after seeing that he didn't have a license plate and wasn't wearing a seat belt.

When the trooper confronted Amar about the infractions, Amar became agitated. He said he didn't need to wear his seat belt because he's an adult, the report says, adding that his temporary license plate had flown out the window.

The trooper then discovered that Amar didn't have current insurance on his vehicle, which meant his vehicle would be towed.

As the trooper started writing up Amar's traffic ticket, Amar verbally threatened him and made the hand gestures of shooting a gun at him, according to the report. A second trooper was called to assist.

While Amar was being transported, he told the trooper that he would shoot the trooper's family and that the trooper needed to get "a new place to stay after tonight." He also threatened to sue both troopers, according to the report.

The trooper also noted in his report that Amar had a baggy of "green leafy material" inside his sock. He also found a Xanax pill underneath the cushions in the back of his unit where Amar had been sitting.

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