A woman who was raped kicked her attacker in the face and took a piece of his mail as evidence of his identity as she escaped, the Sheriff’s Office said.

An encounter outside a bar near the east side of the parish on May 15 about 3 a.m. between the woman and Samuel Barrera Jr. started out as an offer to let her make a telephone call, according to an East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office report.

The woman said after consuming a drink, she walked out of the establishment to retrieve her cellphone from her vehicle, only to find the device was dead, the report says.

As she walked back toward the bar to try to use a phone inside, Barrera, 34, along with two other men, flirted with the woman and offered to let her use one of their phones to make a call, the report says. Before long, one of the men grabbed the woman, forced her into a red car, and the three men took her to a darkly-lit residence, the report says.

Barrera raped the woman on a bare mattress inside the dwelling, but she eventually broke free of his grasp and kicked him in the face, telling him to stop, the report says. She also hit him in the head, causing him to hold his face in his hands, while she stumbled down a flight of stairs and out of the residence, the report says.

The woman, who was nude from the waist down, grabbed a piece of mail from the man’s mailbox and ran to a nearby residence for help, the report says. She was taken to a hospital for examination that night.

The woman’s body bore bruises and she appeared to be in “an abnormal intoxicated state,” a deputy noted.

Barrera admitted to authorities he met the woman, who appeared to be drunk and whose name he didn’t know, outside the bar, the report says. He confessed to kissing her and having sexual contact with her, but he denied raping her, the report says. Barrera said he fell asleep at some point during the encounter, and when he awoke, the woman was gone.

DNA samples from the rape examination, along with a swab from Barrera and other evidence at the scene are being analyzed by the Louisiana State Police Crime lab, the report says.

Barrera, of 3023 Stevendale Blvd., was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a count of simple rape, but his bail information was not available.

Efforts to reach Barrera’s family members through telephone numbers associated with them were unsuccessful Wednesday morning.