An East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff’s deputy Wednesday morning shot and killed an unrestrained German shepherd that charged the deputy after attacking and badly injuring a small poodle.

The deputy was patrolling on Metairie Drive in Baton Rouge when he noticed two large and aggressive German shepherds chasing a cat, Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Casey Rayborn Hicks said.

The cat escaped, but while the deputy waited for Animal Control to arrive, the two dogs began to attack a chained poodle in a backyard on Metairie Drive. The dogs quickly left, but the poodle had been badly injured.

Soon after the deputy returned to the street to locate anyone who might know of the poodle’s owner, he heard what sounded like another dog attack, Hicks said. Also, a passerby had told him the poodle’s owner had two small children at the residence, so the deputy ran back to the yard fearing the German shepherds were then attacking children.

He instead found the two dogs attacking the poodle once again, Hicks said. When he shouted at the German shepherds, one of them charged.

The deputy shot the dog once, causing it to fall, then it got back up and charged again.

The deputy shot the animal once more, this time fatally. The remaining dog fled to its owner’s house.

The deputy eventually found the German shepherds’ owner, who had kept the dogs in a fenced-in area, but the gate was left open, Hicks said.

Animal Control issued the owner a summons, removed the German shepherds, and took the poodle away for treatment.