LSU Police used bait computers Wednesday to catch a Baton Rouge man who has been stealing laptops from people using the Middleton Library, police said.

LSU Police set out three Apple MacBooks in LSU’s storage around the third floor where five laptops had been reported stolen in the last two weeks, the police report says.

Police watched close by until Michael Sean Bennett, 24, took one and put it into his waistband under his jeans and quickly tried to leave, the report says. Police detained him and learned, after identifying him, that a warrant for his arrest was drafted days prior.

Bennett told police he stole six laptops in the last two weeks, all taken from the third floor of the library. He also confessed to stealing a bike he was accused of selling from campus earlier, which had resulted in the warrant days before, the report says.

Bennett, 2000 Brightside Drive, Apt. 1111, was also wanted on one count of theft and on possession of drug paraphernalia through the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, the report says.

Bennett was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on six counts of felony theft, one count of theft, one count of theft of goods, one count of drug paraphernalia and a count of possession of stolen things.