Baton Rouge man accused of choking, striking woman after she made a comment on Facebook _lowres

Joshua Henry Lewis, 28

An argument over a Facebook comment led to a Baton Rouge man’s arrest Monday after authorities said he bloodied a woman’s face and sat on her inside a car, trapping her as she tried to escape.

Joshua Henry Lewis, 28, of Poinsettia Lane, faces counts of false imprisonment and domestic abuse battery with strangulation and child endangerment in the June 6 incident, according to an East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office report.

The woman showed up at the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s substation in Scotlandville that day at 9:25 a.m. with swollen eyes, abrasions and dried blood on her face, the report says. A deputy wrote in the document that he immediately noticed the woman’s facial injuries as well as her disheveled hair and clothing. Her collar was wet with tears, he wrote.

The woman said she could hardly see out of her right eye, which was painful, the report says.

She alleged that Lewis sent a text message to her earlier that day about her commenting on and “liking” another man’s picture on Facebook, according to the report.

When the woman drove up to a house, Lewis was there and grabbed her by the ankles in an attempt to drag her out of the automobile, but the woman fought him off, the report says.

She allowed Lewis to borrow her vehicle to run errands, but when he returned, he confronted her again about the man and began choking her and slamming her head on the automobile in front of two young children, the report says. Lewis punched the woman in her eyes and mouth and threatened to kill her, according to the document.

Lewis shoved the woman into her automobile, and she tried to climb out, but Lewis pinned her inside by sitting on her, at one point emitting a “fake, pathetic whimper as though he was hurt,” the report says.

The woman was able to free herself of Lewis and drive herself to the substation, according to the report.

Lewis, who had been arrested in a domestic incident in 2012, was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. His bail was not assigned as of Monday afternoon, according to jail records.