Breannon Meilleur

A Baton Rouge woman was arrested Friday, after tweeting that she would burn down her apartment complex if a power outage wasn't repaired by the time she next returned home, the Baton Rouge Fire Department said.

Breanon Meilleur, 20, of 4500 Burbank Drive, Baton Rouge, also tweeted a picture of a dog sitting at a table in a burning room, with a caption that said her life was a nightmare, arrest documents said.

A Fire Department investigator began looking into the tweets, made on Oct. 10 and originally sent to Baton Rouge Police, and learned that the tweets, still up for viewing at the time of the investigation, had come from Meilleur's account. Meilleur also wrote and signed a statement saying that she had sent the tweets.

In addition to the count of terrorizing, Meilleur was booked into East Baton Rouge Parish jail on a count of communication of false information of planned arson, arrest document said.