Baton Rouge man accused of pulling gun after accident on Joor Road arrested _lowres

Michael Mannino

East Baton Rouge sheriff’s deputies on Thursday arrested a man accused of pointing a gun at a driver who rear-ended his truck — an accident that happened when the driver of the truck pulled in front of the other driver and suddenly hit his brakes, according to a Sheriff’s Office report on the incident.

Michael Mannino, 59, passed another vehicle Wednesday morning in the median of Joor Road, then pulled in front of the other driver and slammed his brakes, the reports says. The driver behind Mannino couldn’t brake fast enough and ran into the back of Mannino’s truck, the report says.

Both drivers then stopped on the side of the road. The second driver went to talk to Mannino, who was pointing a semiautomatic handgun out his window, the report says.

“You better get back in your ... truck,” Mannino said, according to the report.

After the driver told Mannino he recognized him “from past interactions,” Mannino drove away, the report says.

Deputies later found the gun in the floorboard of Mannino’s vehicle.

Mannino, 12221 Blackwater Road, was booked into Parish Prison on counts of assault with a firearm, driving recklessly, following too close and hit and run.