Drake Davis

Suspended LSU wide receiver Drake Davis was again arrested Sunday and accused of beating his former girlfriend — the second time in a month he has been accused of abusing the same woman. He was previously arrested Aug. 17 and released on bail.

His first arrest centered on four incidents of abuse that included punching and grabbing the victim by her throat on multiple occasions between April 2017 and June 2018.

Davis, 21, was booked Sunday on additional counts of battery of a dating partner and violation of protective orders, according to arrest documents. Davis' attorney, Marci Blaize, said she had received limited information about his most recent arrest and that his bail will be set in coming days.

East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore III said prosecutors plan to ask that Davis be held without bail, unless the court can find conditions for his release that would sufficiently protect the victim. 

LSU police recently found "evidence of batteries that have occurred since Davis was released on bond" last month and ordered to have no contact with the victim, according to an arrest warrant issued Saturday. Police allege Davis abused the victim twice since his release.

Davis' latest warrant states that the victim, who is identified as an LSU student, was at Davis' apartment on Aug. 26 when the two got into an argument. The woman told LSU police that when she went to leave his apartment, he pushed her onto a couch, causing a small cut and bruising to her lower leg. 

Then a witness reported to police that Davis struck the victim in the eye several times during another incident around 2 a.m. Saturday. Police said the victim "would not admit to Davis hitting her," though investigators saw that her left eye was swollen. She told investigators she was with Davis into the early morning hours and woke up later Saturday morning to find she had a black eye.

"The victim would only state that she did not know how it happened," police wrote in the warrant.

Investigators then interviewed a witness who showed them photographs of the victim's eye. The witness said the victim had provided the photos via text message, according to the warrant. The witness also said Davis was the one who attacked the victim and reported watching him repeatedly slap the woman in the face during an argument.

The LSU football team indefinitely suspended Davis after his first arrest. He was also placed on interim suspension by the university around the same time, LSU spokesman Ernie Ballard said Sunday. It is unclear whether Davis has been attending class in the time since then.  

The warrant refers to Davis as a former LSU student, but Ballard said Davis remains within the university's Student Advocacy and Accountability process, which determines student discipline, including expulsion, a longer suspension or probation.

According to the LSU Code of Student Conduct, students who are placed on interim suspension could face limited "access or attendance pending final disposition of the matter." 

Ballard said the discipline decision will come at the end of the university's Title IX investigation. 

Title IX investigations can gather evidence and present findings to law enforcement.

Ballard said LSU Police has forwarded the case to the District Attorney's Office. Moore said just like in all cases — and especially in instances of domestic violence where the victims often walk back accusations — prosecutors will "go forward based on the evidence that we have regardless of the level of assistance we receive from the victim."

Moore also emphasized that Davis is presumed innocent at this point, but his office will continue investigating the additional allegations of abuse that surfaced in recent weeks.

Blaize said that after the first arrest the victim retracted her initial allegations against Davis the following day, but she declined to provide The Advocate with a copy of the woman's statement. A judge later ordered Davis to a 10 p.m. curfew and to have no contact with the former girlfriend involved in the reported incidents. 

The initial allegations against Davis spanned four incidents starting in spring of last year.

In one of the incidents, Davis punched the woman in her side hard enough to break her ribs, according to police. In another Davis became upset with the woman for waving at a friend. He drove her to a spot on Perkins Road, threw her phone out the window and tried to abandon her before turning around and picking her up — only to choke her as she got back into the vehicle, according to his prior arrest report.

The last incident documented in the initial arrest report alleges Davis letting himself into the woman's apartment and attacking her over a text conversation, punching her in the stomach, choking her and pulling an earring out of her ear. Investigators reviewed photos from after the attack and a few days later when the bruising on her neck was heavier, according to that warrant. The woman's roommate applied makeup to her neck to hide the bruising, police said.

The woman also provided text message conversations to police, including one in which Davis said "I might kill you," the warrant says.

Davis' attorney responded to his August arrest with the following statement: "This has been an absolute nightmare for Drake and his family. We hope that the truth surfaces and that the matter is resolved favorably so he can get back to living his life." 

Blaize didn't comment on Davis' most recent arrest except to acknowledge Sunday morning that he was in jail.