East Baton Rouge deputies: Amite man throws 2-year-old down stairs, chases mom, stabs her in the arm _lowres

Steven Ricard, 25

An Amite man out on bail after choking a woman last year forced his way back into her residence and, armed with a knife, chased her into a closet before knocking her child down the stairs, deputies said.

Steven Ricard, 25, was arrested Wednesday in the Aug. 22, 2015, attack on Central Woods Ave., just before 6:45 p.m., an East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office report says. He had apparently been at large until Wednesday.

In a prior incident with the same woman on June 21, 2015, Ricard was subdued with a stun gun after officers broke into the residence to intercept his assault on the victim, the report says.

Sometime after he was arrested in that incident and released on bail, he called the woman from an unknown number and said he needed a bag of his clothing, according to the document. The woman, who had told him never to return to her residence, left his belongings outside her dwelling, the report says.

While Ricard was picking up the items on Aug. 22, 2015, he knocked on the door and the woman opened it, but she tried to shut it when she noticed Ricard, according to the document.

Ricard kicked in the door and went inside, arming himself with a small knife on the woman’s kitchen table, the report says.

The woman ran up a flight of stairs and hid in a closet, but Ricard grabbed her arm and began to slice it with the knife, according to the document. When the woman screamed that she would call the police, Ricard ran out of the room and grabbed the woman’s 2-year-old boy by the back of his head and knocked him down the stairs, which included 14 steps, the report says.

Ricard eventually fled, but not before grabbing the woman’s iPhone, valued at $600, the document says. The woman told authorities she didn’t believe Ricard had his own phone or a vehicle.

Ricard, whose last known address was 37710 Highway 16 in Amite, was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on counts of aggravated burglary, cruelty to juveniles, theft, domestic abuse with child endangerment and aggravated battery. He was assigned a bail of $15,000 in addition to the $6,000 bail from the previous arrest.