Dave Davis

Dave Davis

An off-duty Baton Rouge police officer was arrested Sunday night and accused of driving while intoxicated after he ran a red light and collided with another vehicle, then became combative with medical personnel who responded to the scene and tried to treat his injuries. 

Dave Davis, 30, was driving his unmarked BRPD cruiser when the crash occurred around 8 p.m. Sunday, according to his arrest report prepared by Louisiana State Police troopers. It happened at the intersection of Airline Highway and Siegen Lane.

Davis is assigned to BRPD's second district, which covers a large swath of Baton Rouge south of Florida Boulevard, including areas around LSU's campus. The department declined to release additional information Monday morning about how long he's served on the force, whether he should have been driving his unit while off duty and whether he's been placed under internal investigation.

Troopers wrote Davis appeared intoxicated when they arrived on scene. He started screaming at EMS workers and firefighters when they tried to help him out of his vehicle, then had to lean on them in order to walk to the ambulance, according to the arrest report.

"While in the back of the ambulance, he refused to sit down, saying his knee was hurting," troopers wrote. "Once he sat down, he punched the wall of the ambulance. … Mr. Davis was strapped to the bed in the ambulance and still managed to rise up and attempt to stand again."

Davis was transported to the hospital, where he was given a sedative "to calm him down so a CT scan of his injuries could be done," troopers said. "Mr. Davis' pupils were extremely dilated and he at times spoke incoherently or was non-responsive when asked a question, making it difficult to advise him of his rights per Miranda."

He wasn't able to submit to a breathalyzer because he was sedated and incoherent, so investigators filed a subpoena to complete a blood test, which will reveal the presence or alcohol or drugs in his system, the report says. 

Davis was booked into jail late Sunday. The driver of the other vehicle involved in the crash sustained minor injuries, a Louisiana State Police spokesperson said.

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