Authorities have arrested one suspect and are searching for another in the April shooting in Plaquemine that left a teenager dead after someone opened fire on his family's trailer.

Iberville Parish Sheriff Brett Stassi said arrests are pending in that case and another recent shooting in the same area that authorities believe is not connected.

Jonathan Tobias, 14, was killed April 23 when a bullet passed through the walls of his family's home and struck him in the neck. He was not the intended target in the shooting, which authorities described as the latest episode in an ongoing "tit for tat" scenario between two groups in the neighborhood.

DeAndra Cain, 18, was arrested Monday on a count of second-degree murder and accused of firing the shot that killed Tobias. 

Authorities are still searching for JaMarkus Collins, 20, who's also accused of shooting into the trailer. He faces one count of principal to second-degree murder. 

Stassi said investigators believe a handful of people have been responsible for several shootings in the area since a 2017 incident that started a beef between two groups of young men in the neighborhood. That incident involved a teenager being shot and killed while attempting to rob a dice game. 

The shooting that killed Tobias also wasn't the first time his family's home had been attacked. 

In an unrelated shooting last month also in Plaquemine, Carnell Scott, 18, was booked on illegal use of a weapon and criminal damage to property. And Jacoby Royal, 19, was booked on principal to illegal use of a weapon. Stassi said no one was injured in that shooting, which occurred on Jetson Avenue. 

Stassi said he's hoping the recent arrests will tamp down the violence. 

"I hope this sends a message to young kids to put the guns down," he said. "This is not the kind of community we live in."

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