Sheriff’s Office: Man holds girlfriend’s head in puddle, threatens to kill woman, her family _lowres

Tahir King, 24

A Baton Rouge man who held his girlfriend’s head in a puddle during a violent argument Tuesday night has been booked into Parish Prison on a number of counts, including attempted second-degree murder, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Tahir King, 24, 3034 Potomac Drive, kicked in the back door of his girlfriend’s home on Oriole Street after she tried to lock him out, according to an East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office report.

The woman ran out the front door to escape from King and get help but tripped and fell in a puddle in the yard, the report says. King caught up with her and “held her head underwater to the point where she could not breathe,” the report says.

King allegedly dragged her by the hair back into the house, locked the doors, refused to let her leave and stopped her from dialing 911.

King took her cellphone and told her to drive him to his brother’s house in Fairfield, the report says, saying if she called the police or told anyone “he was going to kill her and her entire family,” according to the report.

While driving on Scenic Highway, the victim noticed a deputy’s patrol car parked in a church parking lot near Mills Avenue. The woman jumped out and pounded on the window, telling the deputy, “Help me, he is trying to kill me,” the report says.

Two other deputies spotted King, who’d taken off down Woodpecker Street.

“Deputies chased King back and forth on Avenue K between Woodpecker and Woodcock” before using a stun gun on him, the report says.

The victim’s cellphone was found in his pocket. King, who denied “doing anything to the victim,” was booked into Parish Prison on counts of attempted second-degree murder, home invasion, false imprisonment, domestic abuse battery, kidnapping, theft and resisting arrest. Bail had not yet been set Wednesday afternoon.