Three people have been arrested on counts of cruelty to juveniles after allegedly beating a child and filming it Thursday.

Baton Rouge Police contacted the victim after a “health care professional” reported the abuse, according to affidavits of probable cause. When an officer contacted the child, whose age was not provided, she said her mother allowed two men to “beat her with belts” while another woman videotaped the beating on her cellphone. The victim said she was beaten for skipping school, the release states.

Police found the cellphone used to film the incident and reviewed the footage.

“Officers noted that at no point was the victim offered medical treatment after the beating occurred nor did any persons present on the video attempt to stop the beating, which was clearly unreasonable and cruel discipline,” police wrote. “The extent of the injuries (moderate to severe bruising covering a significant portion of the juvenile’s body and requiring hospitalization) was inconsistent with that of reasonable discipline and constituted cruel punishment.”

Edith Karondelett Norwood, 35, of 650 N. Ardenwood Drive Apt. 1302, admitted she allowed Delvin Walker, 24, of the same address, to beat her child, the report states.

Kewana Lynette Walker, 23, of 3060 N. Acadian Thruway, admitted to filming the incident, according to the report. The document does not say whether Delvin Walker and Kewana Lynette Walker are related.

All three were arrested on one count each of cruelty to juveniles. Delwin Walker also faces one count of aggravated battery while Kewana Walker and Norwood each face a single count of principal to aggravated battery.

The child indicated another man, identified only as “Derrick,” also beat her.