The house on South 16th Street that was the scene of East Baton Rouge Parish's first homicide of 2019. William Guillard, 26, was fatally shot inside his living room Jan. 2 and died three days later.

East Baton Rouge's first two homicides of 2019 occurred over the weekend as one person was shot and killed outside an apartment complex on Burbank Drive and another died in the hospital three days after being gunned down in the living room of his Baton Rouge home. 

Both victims were young men in their 20s who grew up in Baton Rouge. No suspects have been identified in either case.

Anfernee Holden, 22, was visiting his girlfriend's apartment complex where he was shot Saturday night. And William Guillard, 26, died earlier the same day from gunshot wounds he received when someone knocked on his door around 4:30 p.m. Jan. 2 and then opened fire, authorities said.

Guillard's girlfriend was inside the house on South 16th Street at the time of Saturday's shooting. She said Guillard heard a knock and cracked the door open, then slammed and locked it almost immediately after realizing who was outside. He told her to run to the back room and tried to follow, but bullets pierced the living room windows — one striking him in the back of the head.

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The Advocate is not identifying the girlfriend because the assailant is still at large.

She lived with Guillard in his childhood home just a few blocks south of Government Street east of downtown, since he took her in after her mother died.

They began dating a few years ago, and she gave birth to their infant daughter just five months ago. 

"She looks exactly like her father. She's like the girl version of him," the girlfriend said. "It hasn't hit me yet — everything that's happened. It's gonna slowly sink in." 

She said she believes the shooting was over a possible gun sale. And it wasn't the first time Guillard had been shot — he was hospitalized for three months just last year after a bullet tore through his stomach.

She worried he was getting himself into dangerous situations, especially when guns were involved.

"He kept saying he wasn't gonna be nobody's statistic for this year," she said. "That's the last person I had besides my baby."

She said Guillard was working full time in the kitchen at Zippy's, the Mexican restaurant on Perkins Road, supporting the two of them since she left her job after becoming pregnant. 

Just hours after Guillard was pronounced dead in the hospital, Holden was found fatally shot outside a Burbank apartment complex.

The Sheriff's Office said the shooting occurred around 9:50 p.m. Saturday in the 4600 block of Burbank Drive.

Holden's stepfather, Jermaine Angrum, said he can't fathom who could have taken the life of his stepson — a "good kid, hard working, who would help anybody."

"Whatever it was, they could have punched him out instead of taking his life," Angrum said. "It's guns on the streets being used for the wrong reasons."

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