A Baton Rouge man was shot and killed Monday morning outside a vacant house on Convention Street in Baton Rouge, authorities said. 

Robert Davis, 47, of 4326 Monroe Ave., was killed in the 1200 block of Convention, which is close to the Greyhound bus station on Florida Street and a couple blocks east of the interstate, Police spokesman Sgt. Don Coppola Jr. said. Crews responded to the scene around 5 a.m. 

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East Baton Rouge Emergency Medical Services spokesman Mike Chustz said Davis was pronounced dead on the scene. 

Coppola said there are no known suspects or motives in the case. 

Neighbors said Davis was sitting on the porch of a vacant house at the corner of Convention and North 13th streets when he was shot.

Bullet holes were visible in the side of the house and on the porch deck, with numbered evidence markers placed next to them. Pools of blood also remained on the porch and in the grass nearby hours after police had left the scene. 

Empty bottles and food wrappers littered the ground around the house, including some stained with blood.

Many of the house's windows and entrances were boarded up and "no trespassing" signs were posted on the walls. Neighbors said the house had been vacant for at least a month since its previous occupant moved out. 

Neighborhood residents pointed to the nearby bus station and various services for the homeless in that area, which they said leads to people loitering and in some cases attracting crime. 

A complaint filed with the city in February 2018 labels the house a blighted property and describes it as one of three "known drug houses" in the area that have "truly gotten out of hand." 

"We have disabled individuals in this area. We have drug treatment homes in this area and we have persons aiding and abetting addictions," the complainant said, according to the city's 311 database. "This must stop. Anything the police can do to assist would be greatly appreciated."

The complaint was marked as closed in March 2018, but it's unclear what officials did to resolve the issues.

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