A horse died after trying to escape a trailer on the Mississippi River Bridge Monday night, an animal control official said.

Hilton Cole, director of East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Control and Rescue Center, said the horse was being transported around 8 p.m. in a trailer eastbound on I-10 into Baton Rouge when it “spooked” and tried to jump out a side window. After its head and half its body was out, the pressure of the ledge upon the animal’s sternum cause it to asphyxiate, he said.

The woman driving the trailer pulled off at the Nicholson Drive exit, he said. Animal control officials arrived at the scene and helped push the body of the horse, which had expired, back into the trailer, he said.

“Horses are dangerous animals. They spook easily, they panic easily, and this horse for some reason wanted to make an exit,” Cole said. “It was an accident.”