A Baton Rouge rapper who is accused of multiple shootings across the parish and has a history of violent confrontations with rival gangs now faces a bond of over $1 million. 

Mieyoshi Tyree Edwards, 21, was arrested this week on multiple counts of attempted first-degree murder in two shootings, on July 4 and April 6, in which three adults and two children were injured. 

Edwards, who goes by the moniker "Lit Yoshi," was out on a $150,000 bond, set in an April 2019 shooting involving rival gang members, when he allegedly attacked two other groups of people on Greenwell Springs Road on July 4 and on Hanks Drive on April 6.

The July 4 shooting took place near the Mallard Crossing Apartment Complex. Occupants of a silver Ford F-150 drove past a car carrying two adults and two children and fired upon them, according to booking documents. All four occupants of the car were injured and taken to the hospital.

Several months before, on April 6, three people were in the parking lot of La Playa Apartment Complex on Hanks Drive when two figures approached and started firing at them. One 25-year-old man was injured, but the other two people were in a car at the time of the shooting and remained uninjured, booking documents say.

Detectives traced suspected vehicles used in each incident to Edwards' girlfriend, who rented them during a time frame that matched the shootings. Law enforcement officials were able to arrest Edwards after locating his girlfriend in Tickfaw. He was transferred to East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on Thursday.

Judge Bonnie Jackson, of the 19th Judicial District Court, imposed the $1,160,000 bond on the rapper Friday. He was still in parish prison as of Friday evening, booking records show.

On Edwards' Instagram account, where he has a following of 72,000, he describes himself as an unsigned artist and links to one of his songs on YouTube. Most of his posts are of him posing in different locations or promoting merchandise or music bearing his name. 

According to booking documents from his previous arrest, Edwards is known as a “TBG enforcer" — Top Boy Gorilla gang — and is suspected to have attempted numerous other attacks on two rival gangs.

The April 2019 incident took place in the 2400 block of Highland Road at the AM Mart, when occupants of a dark-colored SUV fired at several men who were known affiliates of local gangs, according to booking documents. 

The AM Mart, according to the affidavit, was a popular spot for the BBG (Bottom Boy Gorilla) and NBA (Never Broke Again) gangs. Detectives later learned the targeted men were all members of these two gangs, which have been feuding with TBG — Edwards' gang — for years.

One of the men who was shot at later told detectives he was “absolutely certain” he saw “Yoshi from TBG” firing at them as the SUV drove by the store, according to booking documents.

Preliminary ballistics tests suggested the gun fired in the April 2019 incident had been used just two months before in a shooting on Crestwood Street where a “BBG house” reportedly is located, the affidavit says.

The Crestwood Street shooting also listed a dark-colored SUV as the suspect vehicle. 

While authorities noted Edwards was in an ongoing dispute with those who were targeted in the April 6 shooting several months ago, it is unclear if they were also members of rival gangs. Detectives have not yet released whether those injured in the July 4 incident had a connection with Edwards. 

"We're gathering facts just as law enforcement is gathering facts," said Edwards' attorney, Ron Haley. "As they're gathering facts to build a case against him, we're trying to gather facts to build a case to exonerate him."

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