Knife-wielding Baton Rouge man threatens woman and chokes her before she escapes, the Sheriff’s Office reports _lowres

Christopher Jerome Matthews, 28

A man who threatened a woman with a large kitchen knife — threatening to kill her and himself — and later jabbed a blade into household items before wrapping his hands around the woman’s neck, was arrested Monday on domestic violence counts.

Christopher Jerome Matthews, 28, got into an argument with a woman at about 5:30 p.m. on April 22 at his residence at 6292 Ponotoe Drive, where two children were present, according to an East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s office report.

The woman locked Matthews out of the dwelling after he stormed off, but he returned and kicked down the front door, the report says.

Matthews, who was irate and was cursing, grabbed a large kitchen knife and held it up in the air with the blade pointing downward, warning, “I’m gonna kill you and then kill myself. I have nothing to live for,” according to the report.

He then backed the woman into a corner and began stabbing the walls and furniture before lodging the blade into a wall and leaving the residence again, the document says.

Matthews returned, this time with a smaller blade, which he held to his wrist, threatening again to kill himself and the woman, according to the report. He dropped the knife and grabbed the woman by the neck with both hands, applying pressure, but didn’t cause the woman to black out, the statement says.

After Matthews went into a room and began throwing things, the woman escaped with the children and notified the authorities.

Matthews, who faces a count of domestic abuse aggravated assault with child endangerment and a count of domestic abuse battery with child endangerment, was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison, and was not assigned a bond, according to jail records.